Personal Development with Success Ingredients

Personal Development with Success Ingredients

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Personal Development with Success Ingredients

12 Books in One

Personal Development with Success Ingredients

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Personal Development with Success Ingredients

To Escape The Rat Race, You Should...

  • Improve Yours​​​​elf,
  • Think Differently, and
  • Enjoy Financial Freedom!

"YOU are responsible for YOUR life; and if you’re sitting around waiting for someone to save you, to fix you, or even help you, you are wasting your time because only YOU have the power to take responsibility to move your life forward.

What matters is now, this moment and your willingness to see this moment for what it is, accept it, forgive the past, take responsibility, and move forward.

The sooner you get that, the sooner your life gets into gear. What matters is now, this moment and your willingness to see this moment for what it is. Accept it. Forgive the past. Take responsibility and move forward."

Oprah Winfrey

Now Ask Yourself...

    Do you look at others around you in life and wonder to yourself, what’s the REAL secret to their success?
  • What makes some people so INSANELY successful while others slave away trying to achieve their dreams only to continue to go around in circles getting nowhere?
    How are you going to stand out from the crowd especially if you’re ALL doing the same tired things?
    Sometimes it’s really hard to know what you should do. But WHAT IF YOU DID KNOW? What would it mean for you to know EXACTLY the next step to take that is going to get you closer to a better life instead of spinning your wheels along with everyone else?
    What if you could IMPROVE yourself mentally, personally, and financially? How great would that feel?

You see, you have one grand shot in your life.

You can continue to slave away in the rat race of life, working for a boss you hate, or a job you despise and barely make it financially along the way. 


Instead of letting life call all the shots for you, you can be in the driver’s seat of your own personal success, financial freedom, and happiness.

The struggle is real in life, but for every struggle, there is a massive opportunity as well. You just have to prepare yourself to not only see it but to make it work in your favor when it comes to you.

It all starts with YOU. No one else!

And most of all, you need to be emotionally hungry for what you really want and also have the right mental tools to help convert opportunity and turn it into abundant success.

So I have something of EXTREME IMPORTANCE that I MUST share with you.

It could mean the difference between you working very hard for little money, losing your house, having your car repossessed, your kids' college funds being decimated, piling up thousands of dollars in lost investment and/or wages that can NEVER be recovered and perhaps even having to declare personal bankruptcy 


Developing yourself quickly, getting ahead of others, prospering, taking care of your family like the provider you want to be, and enjoying financial freedom!  

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Hello, my name is Mo Abraham.

By now, you’re probably asking… Who am I and how can I make these claims?

I am the author of Personal Development with Success Ingredients and I have helped many people like you in many countries around the world to learn the secrets of a fast, successful personal development.

And I am so glad that you’re here to learn what I want to share with you today. The most important and successful thing you can do to develop yourself isn’t anything that ‘normal’ people typically do.

All the advice you see on personal development and self-help sites and blogs about how to develop yourself is just a small portion of what you’re going to learn from Personal Development with Success Ingredients.

And if you follow that conventional wisdom about how to develop yourself you’re going to get a conventional result, which is a very long, difficult, money-sucking, soul-draining, frustrating personal development.

When you’re suffering through self-help like that it feels like you’re so alone – but you’re not.

I speak to personal development seekers frequently, and from that, I can tell you that more than 90% of all seekers have NO CLUE how to start a really good, fast, successful personal development program.

They have no idea why it’s taking so long to develop themselves to reach their goals. They’re wasting literally thousands of dollars and months of time because they don’t know what they’re doing wrong.

It’s not their fault, but they just don’t know what they don’t know.

Today, I want to move you from the 90% crowd to the top 10% of all personal development seekers.

I’m going to give you THE SECRETS to developing yourself in virtually every aspect from health & mental to personal & social to financial development.

Personal Development with Success Ingredients will give you more confidence than you’ve ever had in developing yourself and it will actually springboard you into getting the personal qualities you want really, really fast.

And the best news is it’s practically effortless.

Think that sounds too good to be true? It IS true, and it’s helped many other people just like you get a great life fast.

I want to give you this information because I know how it feels to be in the rat race competing with 90% of employees and counterparts. You put yourself out there every day hoping to stand out, and you get rejected because you are no different from others!

You spend years slaving like most people to have a better life … and then you wait, and you wait, and you don’t get what you’ve hoped for.

You don’t even get a phone call or an email that says, “Hey, thanks for working so hard.” This is what happens even to people who are great at their jobs.

Even if you’re lucky to be chosen, you can get stuck in this vicious cycle and it can last for months, or even years before you can climb up the ladder.

All your well-meaning friends and family ask, “How’s work?” or “What do you do for a living?” and you want so badly to say, “I am a VP or manager at so and so!” or, “I lead an important role!”… but there’s no hope yet, and you don’t know when one’s coming.

All this emotional pressure is bad enough … but that’s not all.

You are in a true financial crisis because you don’t know where or how to invest, and if you’re an employee, most likely you’re on a low wage like most people because you’re no different!

You may or may not have a paycheck coming in, but you still have money going out. You still have to buy those groceries, your kids still need clothes and you find yourself sick to death of saying “We don’t have the money for that now.” 

Maybe you’re getting calls from creditors about your late payments, maybe you’ve had to borrow money from your friends or family … maybe you’re even getting a foreclosure notice.

Meanwhile, every day you fall deeper and deeper into that financial pit.

When you don’t invest, or don’t have a job, or have a low-paid job you lose thousands of dollars in gains and/or wages, and it adds up so fast. There’s no way to catch up from that once it’s gone. And it adds up quickly.

You could be in the middle of a financial EMERGENCY. You have to do something to stop all those losses, and you have to do it quickly. 

How do you stop it?

You have to step outside that typical rat race. You can’t afford to waste more money. You need to stop doing what everyone else is doing that keeps them stuck in that rat race, hemorrhaging money.

You need to do something different; something that will make you stand out and something that will make you shine and prosper fast.

So I have come up with a quick, super-easy solution that’s going to put you on the right track to getting the life you want.

How are you going to stand out from the crowd especially if you’re all doing the same tired things?

You don’t care about what everyone else is doing. You only need what YOU need. And what you need is to stand out from the masses. You need to catapult yourself right past them into the life you deserve most.

How are you supposed to be good at something as difficult and filled with obstacles and competition as running a business, investing and/or workplace?

Sometimes it’s really hard to know what you should do. But what if you did know? What would it mean for you to know exactly the next step to take that is going to get you closer to a better life instead of spinning your wheels along with everyone else?

What if you could improve yourself mentally, personally, and financially? How great would that feel?

That feeling, that success, is what I want to help you get, and I know you can have it.

When you apply my expert help in real life, you will see stunning success. You’ll start seeing positive results from day one.

Something happens when you have a lot of good qualities. You become someone who’s being chased by others, instead of someone who’s chasing others. 

It tilts the scales in YOUR favor.

The positive responses you’ll get from others will boost your confidence level to new highs which makes you even more attractive to them. We all want someone who’s confident, positive, and happy. And that will be you.

This is what happens over and over again when you decide to work smarter, not harder and get the help of an experienced personal development coach. 

There’s no guessing, no worries, no mistakes, and no long, discouraging steps – only a shortcut to success.

What's the 'Secret Sauce' and 'Shortcut' to Success?

Well, let me tell you something about my own success.

Was I just lucky because I worked hard and never quit? Hell no :)

I feel the reason for my success was due to all the years of self-study starting in the late eighties when I devoured just about every single book on sales, marketing, management and motivation I could get my hands on. 

These books fascinated me. They motivated me. They gave me a vision for what was possible for anyone who could put these powerful principles into play.  

The majority of these books were 400 pages or longer, and I read them by the stacks! I truly believe that it was the actual application of the 'golden nuggets' of mined information I discovered in these classic and timeless books that made me a success in the end.

The bits and pieces of information found in these books helped establish my true blueprint to success. I knew that repetition of this information to 'feed by brain' would take more than just a one time go through of all of these books. So that’s when I started to summarize only the key information I discovered in these books that had the greatest impact on my success and put it in a "reference" book and I called it Personal Development with Success Ingredients.

This way I had all the best information, at my fingertips, and could review it in a fraction of the time and absorb it quicker and much easier than re-reading these books over and over again.

For those wondering where the real secret of success can be found, it can be surely found in this breakthrough book...

Personal Development with Success Ingredients by Mo Abraham

Personal Development with Success Ingredients

Personal Development with Success Ingredients

Personal Development With Success Ingredients is the culmination of all my life experiences, wisdom and all the golden nugget insights and secrets to becoming TRULY successful in life and in business that I learned in all of these amazing books.

It’s not like any other book you’ve ever read. It’s like a whole library of knowledge, wisdom, key secrets and more packed into ONE single book. Only the good stuff minus the fluff and filler of most business or self-development books.

In fact, each chapter is so jam-packed with rich information that each of the 12 chapters can easily be considered a complete book on its own.

That’s how good it is!

The 12-in-1 book covering over fifty topics on Health & Mental Development, Personal & Social Development, and Financial Development was written with the sole aim of illuminating the minds of those who are disappointed at so-called ‘success books’ as many of them are only theoretical and somewhat not applicable in a different localized setting and hence, not workable.

But Personal Development with Success Ingredients is a book embracing principles which are very much universal and can be found in virtually everyone.

Personal Development with Success Ingredients is a step-by-step guide for success, wealth, and happiness; and the formula is by far tried and proven. The principles are affluently assuring and guarantee a life-changing experience.

Personal Development with Success Ingredients

Key Features

  • 12 Books in One - The 1,200-page book covers over forty topics revolving around three main areas; namely:

1.    Health and Mental Development (Chapters 1 and 2)

a.    Health and Fitness – Spiritual and Physical Exercises, Yoga, Law of Attraction, Affirmation Messages, Voice Practice; and 

b.    The Brain and Subconscious Mind – How the Brain and Subconscious Mind Work, Mental Exercise, Mindfulness, Mindset, Meditation, Concentration, Happiness and Success.

2.   Personal and Social Development (Chapters 3 to 8) 

a.    Enthusiasm, Positive Attitude, Motivation, Assertiveness, Positive Thinking, Persistence, Critical and Creative Thinking; 

b.    Order – Self-organization, Time Management, Productivity, Learning Skills, Effectiveness; 

c.     Goal Setting, SWOT Analysis, Lifestyle; 

d.    Communication – Listening, Presenting, Reading Signals, Understanding and Being Understood;

e.    Brainstorming, Problem Solving, and Decision Making; and

f.     Negotiating, Persuading, Influencing, Tact and Diplomacy.

3.   Financial Development (Chapters 9 to 12) 

a.    Marketing; 

b.    Sales; 

c.    Finance – Financial Statements, Accounting Principles;

d.   Investment, Financial Goals, Financial Freedom;

e.   Retirement;

f.   Real Estate for Investors and Agents; and 

g.    Job Interview Q&A.

  • Use it as a Reference Book - Easy to read and to refer to as and when you like.
    Unique - No other book contains half of this book.
Personal Development with Success Ingredients

So What Exactly Will You Discover in this Transformative Book?

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find inside the Personal Development with Success Ingredients

    Discover how to tap into your true inner potential by using your body as an access point. By implementing the law of attraction, meditation, and even yoga, your personal potential, creativity and happiness will be unleashed!
  • Master your own subconscious mind to help you attract what you want the most out of life, and to help you experience personal bliss and pure concentration unlike ever before. You’ll be blown away by what your subconscious can do to help you succeed!
  • Learn the RIGHT way to use positivity, enthusiasm and the power of persistence to get WHAT you want, WHEN you want it, and be in full control of your happiness and financial success!
  • Tap into real time management so you can get MORE done, in LESS time. This means more focus, more production, and even greater outcomes. Time is your #1 asset in life; I’ll show you the most productive ways to use it in your favor!
    Implement SMART goals in your life that take advantage of your personal strengths, and help you open up hidden doors of opportunity at every turn! This way you can finally live that 'dream' lifestyle you’ve always wanted!
    Take your self-confidence and self-esteem to another level of true greatness! By using the real power of 'synergy' with other people around you, you’ll naturally get more done, have amazing relationships, and become wealthy in all facets of your life!
  • Discover how to not only become a master communicator, but also a master listener as well. Give amazing presentations, learn how to 'read people,' and most of all, become a person that people will want to admire and work with!
    Crack the secret code to amazing brainstorming sessions that will yield amazing and creative insights, ideas, and more to some of the biggest problems you’ll ever face. This is brainstorming on Steroids!
  • Learn how to market yourself and your own business like a true rock star!
    Discover the most CRITICAL marketing strategies that have been proven to be a success time and time again! Every success starts with a great plan and strategy!
  • Find out some of the most timeless and powerful sales techniques and strategies that tap into the buying behaviors of common people. When you know these secrets, you’ll be able to sell ice to Eskimos!
  • Learn how to create your very own business on a solid foundation so you can create products or services that people will WANT to buy from you. And, you’ll learn how to set it all up the right way.
  • Learn how and where to invest to grow your wealth on the 'fast track' to success!
  • Learn the most important ins and outs of real estate as a professional investor and agent.
  • Learn how to prepare and answer job interview questions!
  • And much, much more!


Personal Development with Success Ingredients
Personal Development with Success Ingredients


“This wonderful, inspiring book is full of great ideas you can apply immediately to improve the quality of your personal and financial life.”

Brian Tracy – Author, Speaker, Personal Guide


You’re most likely wondering how much this Personal Development with Success Ingredients ebook costs.

As much as I’d like to, I can’t give away my time for free. 

But, I do have a very special offer that’s going to make this a ridiculously easy decision for you. 

I normally charge $77. And I could easily charge $97 or even $199 for an ebook like this, because it’s worth so much in terms of how much faster and more successful you’ll be in your life and career. 

But you need this help, and I want you to have it, so there’s no way I’m charging you $199. I’m going to do even better than that. 

Get ready…because you are here today, this entire ebook PLUS over $150 in bonuses are available to you now for a very Special Price of $47 one-off - No recurring or hidden charges. That is $3.92 per book ($47 ÷12 books) which is less than lunch with a friend! 

This price is so low I’m actually going to lose money on it. When I do this kind of personal coaching sessions I charge $250 an hour. But I wanted this ebook to be priced so low that you’d be crazy to pass it up. 

Why would I do that? 

Because outside of my family, there’s nothing I’m more passionate about than helping people get what they deserve. 

And I know how much of a difference this will make for you because I’ve seen it with many people but you can’t know until you do it. 

This Special Offer is for a limited time so that anyone can have the alluring experience this book has to offer. The massive book contains over 1,200 pages of LIFE-TRANSFORMING information that has been proven to work for thousands of successful people around the world today. 

If you don’t take advantage of this, you’re going to go right back to where you were. You’ll keep doing the same things that everyone else is doing, and you won’t stand out.  

You’ll keep getting discouraged and frustrated and wondering what’s wrong with you. 

Those creditors are going to keep coming closer and closer to your door. You’ll keep losing thousands of dollars in investments and wages, getting deeper and deeper in debt and putting yourself and your family at risk of financial ruin.  

Now, hear me out – because this offer is so ridiculously low this could be the only time you are going to see it. There’s no reason not to do it. 

I offer a complete, 100% money-back guarantee on this ebook, which is good for 60 days.  

If you decide in the next eight weeks that this wasn’t worth it, and think: “Hey, I want my money back,” all you have to do is just let us know and we will refund you your full money back, PLUS, you keep the ebook and the TEN bonuses! How does that sound?!

Our purchase process is 100% safe, so you have no worries there, either.

We do not share one shred of your information with anyone else. All of your contact information and your credit card information is completely confidential, protected, and secure. You are perfectly safe!  

So now if you’re serious about your personal development, and you really do want help and you really do care that you’re losing thousands of dollars being in the rat race then click the Buy Now button and get started instantly. 

It will take you to a page where you can fill in your name, email, and credit card information. 

This is your only chance to take advantage of this offer. You might not see this again. 

That’s a ridiculously good deal, AND your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back. 

I can’t think of one good reason why you wouldn’t do this. 

If you have a personal development issue, there’s no point in fighting this very difficult battle on your own. It’s time to call in reinforcements that are going to put you on top and make sure you win.  

If you know that you need some self-help, this is a great opportunity for you. 

Do not pass this up. Click the Buy Now button below, and let’s get started on your path to a successful life.   

If you were to read through the number of books and researches I did over the past long years to ‘mine out’ all the golden nuggets you’ll discover in Personal Development with Success Ingredients, not only would it cost you well over $1,000, but it would also take you years to do it! 

But I don’t want you to have to break the bank to get all these amazing pieces of information and secrets, and I also don’t feel like you should invest hours every single day to discover them either. That’s why I’m offering Personal Development with Success Ingredients for one a one-time investment of ONLY $77 $47.

  • NO additional payment. No nothing.
  • NO UPSELLS to other more expensive products.
  • NO gimmicks, or hidden fees.
  • NO games.
  • NO hype or fluff content either.
  • NO HOLDING BACK content. You get it all.
  • No catch.

Now it's yours for $47 only, but for a VERY LIMITED TIME!


And to make this even more of a ‘no brainer’ investment for yourself, I’m going to also give you these TEN exclusive bonuses (Well over $150 Value) if you place your order in the next few minutes.

Living Your Best Life

Living Your Best Life!

Empower Yourself to Create a World of Happiness - Starting Today!

Work Life Balance

Work-Life Balance without Excuses!

Get More Done in Spite of What Life Throughs at You!

Time Management

Time Management


Self Improvement

Self Improvement


Time Calculator

Time Calculator

How Much Time to Do You Really Have?

Smart Goals Worksheet

Smart Goals Worksheet

My Goals Planner

My Goals Planner

My Gratitude Planner

My Gratitude Planner

My Productivity Planner

My Productivity Planner

Healthy Me Planner

Healthy Me Planner

I know it’s insane to give away so much for such a low price, but I’m on a mission to impact as many souls as possible. So click the order button below…the water is mighty fine. 

I’m so confident that this book will change your life, and will be worth 100 times more than the investment that I’m going to offer you a rock-solid 60-Day 'No Questions Asked' Full Money Back Guarantee.    

This means ALL the risk is on ME…NOT you!  

If for any reason you don’t feel your investment in this information is worth every single penny you paid for it, then simply ask for a refund and I’ll happily refund you right away.  

RIGHT NOW is your chance to get access to one guide that will change your life forever. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Personal Development with Success Ingredients
Click on the Buy Now button below now to get started

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Personal Development with Success Ingredients by Mo Abraham

Now you can test drive our product for two months with NO RISK!

If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

Personal Development with Success Ingredients

Personal Development with Success Ingredients


Mo Abraham

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