Personal Development with Success Ingredients

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Personal Development with Success Ingredients

Escape the Rat Race!

Improve Yourself, Think Differently and Enjoy Financial Freedom!

Do you look at others around you in life and wonder to yourself, what’s the REAL secret to their success?

What makes some people so INSANELY successful, while others slave away trying to achieve their dreams only to continue to go around in circles getting nowhere?

You see, you have one grand shot at your life.

You can continue to slave away in the rat race of life, working for a boss you hate, or a job you despise and barely make it financially along the way.  


instead of letting life call all the shots for you, you can be in the driver’s seat of your own personal success, financial freedom, and happiness.  

The struggle is real in life, but for every struggle, there is MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY as well. You just have to prepare yourself to not only see it, but to make it work in your favor when it comes to you.

It all starts with YOU. No one else.  

And most of all, you need to be emotionally HUNGRY for what you really want and also have the right MENTAL TOOLS to help convert opportunity and turn it into abundant success.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Hi, my name is Mo Abraham. By now, you’re probably asking… Who am I and how can I make these claims?  

Back in 1980 I was a very young man in the merchant navy and I had a hunger to study marine electronics, communication, and radars.

It wasn’t always easy; I had my fair share of major struggles and huge obstacles I had to overcome. But eventually it all paid off for me, and I became a highly paid Radio Officer at a very young age.  

Seven years later, I continued to remain hungry for more knowledge and personal challenges, and I wanted to move into a more meaningful work position in my life. But unfortunately, the positions I desired the most I wasn’t really qualified for, so that’s when I started a 3-year course in Business Management to open more doors of opportunity for myself.  

After my graduation, and between 1994 and 2003 I bounced between multi-billion dollar companies earning even more money and even higher management positions.  

But with all my achievements and success, something STILL was lacking in life. I really didn’t feel completely satisfied deep down at the very core of my being. I realized that I still hadn’t fulfilled my lifelong dream. And that was to be my OWN boss.  

Since I was very young, I always wanted to build and create my own business from the ground up. A business I could be proud of. Something that could be under my full control.  

So in September 2003, I took the biggest leap of faith in my life. I did something most people ONLY dream about. I quit my 9-5 job, and I started my very own business.

On a very small shoestring budget, I started my own business all on my own. And I did EVERYTHING myself…   I was the owner, the manager, the accountant, the salesman, etc. You name it…I was IT. Talk about scary stuff!  

This new business of mine took nearly every waking second of my day, and it cost me a lot of money, blood, sweat and tears and a social life along the way, but despite the setbacks I remained determined to succeed.  

Finally, I landed my first half-million dollar project that helped give my business the boost it needed to succeed. It wasn’t an easy task, in fact, I had to outsource a whole team to make it work, but in the end, that ONE single project helped propel my business forward, and in less than five years later, I had a staff of over 120 members and sales pouring in from around the city.

So What was the “Secret Sauce” to My Success?

Was I just lucky because I worked hard and never quit?

I feel the reason I succeeded was due to all the years of SELF-STUDY that I’d put in starting back in 1990 when I DEVOURED just about every single book on sales, marketing, management and motivational books I could get my hands on.

These books fascinated me. They motivated me. They gave me a vision for what was possible for anyone who could put these powerful principles into play.

The majority of these books were 400 pages or longer, and I read them by the stacks! I truly believe that it was the actual application of the “golden nuggets” of mined information I discovered in these classic and timeless books that made me a success in the end.

The bits and pieces of information found in these books helped establish my true blueprint to success. I knew that repetition of this information to “feed by brain” would take more than just a one time go through of all of these books. So that’s when I started to summarize only the BEST information I discovered in these books that had the GREATEST impact on my success.

This way I had all the best information, at my fingertips, and could review it in a FRACTION of the time.

This way I could absorb it QUICKER AND MUCH EASIER than re-reading these books over and over again.

So that’s when I created the breakthrough book… 

Personal Development with Success Ingredients

Personal Development With Success Ingredients is the culmination of all my life experiences, wisdom and all the golden nugget insights and secrets to becoming truly successful in life and in business that I learned in all of these amazing books.

It was once said that, “Repetition is the mother of learning.”

When you read a book once…you may briefly understand it.

When you read it a second time…it begins to make more of an imprint on your psyche.

When you read it a third time…it begins to become part of your everyday thinking.

When you read it a fourth time…it can be engraved into your mental framework FOREVER, leading you to implement the information in real life for lasting and tangible success.

That’s exactly what I created - Personal Development with Success Ingredients to be.

It’s not like any other book you’ve ever read. It’s like a whole library of knowledge, wisdom, key secrets and more packed into ONE single book. Only the good stuff minus the fluff and filler of most business or “self-development” books.

In fact, each chapter is so jam-packed with rich information, that each of the 13 chapters can easily be considered a complete book on their own.

That’s how good it is!

  • 13 Books in One - The book covers over 50 topics revloving around Personal & Social Development, Health & Mental Development, and Financial Development.
  • Use it as a Reference Book - Easy to read and to refer to as and when you like.
  • Unique - No other book contains half of this book.

Personal Development with Success Ingredients contains 13 chapters. This way you have the opportunity to read one chapter per week, and finish the book in 13 weeks.

Then repeat.

The goal is for you to read one chapter per week, and at the end of the 13th week, you start all over again.   When you do this, you will read and re-read this book four times in one year simply because there are four 13 weeks in a year; so you can ensure that all of it’s powerful information will sink in deep within you and your mind and transform your own life and success.

This equates to real, tangible success in the areas of: HEALTH, WEALTH, HAPPINESS, RELATIONSHIPS, BUSINESS, and so much more.

All the good news it only takes about 30 minutes out of your day to read a chapter. That’s it!

So what exactly will you discover in this transformative book?  

Here’s just a sneak peek of what you’ll find inside Personal Development with Success Ingredients

  • Discover how to tap into your true inner potential by using your body as an access point. By implementing the laws of attraction, meditation, and even Yoga, your personal potential, creativity and happiness will be unleashed!
  • Master your own subconscious mind to help you attract what you want the most out of life, and to help you experience personal bliss and pure concentration unlike ever before. You’ll be blown away by what your subconscious can do to help you succeed!
  • Learn the RIGHT way to use positivity, enthusiasm and the power of persistence to get WHAT you want, WHEN you want it, and be in full control of your happiness and financial success!
  • Tap into real time management so you can get MORE done, in LESS time. This means more focus, more production, and even greater outcomes. Time is your #1 asset in life; I’ll show you the most productive ways to use it in your favor!
  • Implement SMART goals in your life that take advantage of your personal strengths, and help you open up hidden doors of opportunity at every turn! This way you can finally live that “dream” lifestyle you’ve always wanted!
  • Take your self-confidence and self-esteem to another level of true greatness! By using the real power of “synergy” with other people around you, you’ll naturally get more done, have amazing relationships, and become wealthy in all facets of your life!
  • Discover how to not only become a master communicator, but also a master listener as well. Give amazing presentations, learn how to “read people,” and most of all, become a person that people will want to admire and work with!
  • Crack the secret code to amazing brainstorming sessions that will yield amazing and creative insights, ideas, and more to some of the biggest problems you’ll ever face. This is brainstorming on Steroids!
  • Learn how to market yourself and your own business like a true rock star!
  • Discover the most CRITICAL marketing strategies that have been proven to be a success time and time again! Every success starts with a great plan and strategy!
  • Find out some of the most timeless and powerful sales techniques and strategies that tap into the buying behaviors of common people. When you know these secrets, you’ll be able to sell ice to Eskimos!
  • And most of all, learn how to create your very own business on a solid foundation so you can create products or services that people will WANT to buy from you. Plus, you’ll learn how to set it all up the right way, and even learn how to invest your profits to grow your wealth on the “fast track” to success!

If you were to read through the amount of books and research I did over the years to “mine out” all the golden nuggets you’ll discover in Personal Development with Success Ingredients, not only would it cost you well over $1,000, it would take you years to do it! But I don’t want you to have to break the bank to get all these amazing pieces of information and secrets, and I also don’t feel like you should have to invest hours every single day to discover them either. That’s why I’m offering Personal Development with Success Ingredients for one single investment of ONLY $77 $47.

  • NO additional payment, no nothing.
  • NO UPSELLS to other more expensive products.
  • NO gimmicks, or hidden fees.
  • NO games.
  • NO “hype” or fluff content either.
  • NO HOLDING BACK content. You get it all. No catch.

You only need to pay $77 $47 if you act fast.

This massive book contains almost 900 pages of LIFE-TRANSFORMING information that has proven to work not only for myself, but also for thousands and thousands of other successful people in the world!

Now you can get it for LESS THAN $100.


For a VERY LIMITED TIME, you only need to pay $77 $47 if you act FAST!

This massive book contains almost 900 pages of LIFE-TRANSFORMING information that has proven to work not only for myself, but also for thousands and thousands of other successful people in the world!

Now you can get it for LESS THAN $50.


And to make this even more of a “no brainer” investment for yourself, I’m going to also give you these exclusive bonuses valued over $150 if you place your order in the next few minutes.

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Bonus #3  

Time Management


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And, when you purchase Personal Development with Success Ingredients, you will get a 100% FREE copy of The Self-Improvement Buff Series (at $47 value) mailed to you on a CD today! All you pay is S&H. But, ONLY while our limited supplies last.

You'll also get a complimentary copy of our power-packed marketing newsletter with all the latest and most effective content (a $29.95 value!)

I know it’s insane to give away so much for such a low price – but I’m on a mission to impact as many souls as possible. So click the order button below…the water is mighty fine.

I’m so confident that this book will change your life and will be worth 100 TIMES more than you pay for it…that I’m going to offer you a rock-solid 60-Day “No Questions Asked” Full Money Back Guarantee.  

This means all the risk is on ME…not you.  

If for any reason you don’t feel your investment in this information is worth every single penny you paid for it, then simply ask for a refund and I’ll happily refund you right away.  

RIGHT NOW is your chance to get access to one guide that will change your life…forever. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by….  


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Personal Development with Success Ingredients

Mo Abraham

Mo Abraham

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